Dragon Truffle Trip

Dragon Truffle Trip
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Dragon Truffle Trip

15g dragon truffles – empty stomach. I had requested healing and insight as my intention before ingesting.

After an immense euphoric sensation just 20 mins after ingestion. I began seeing elves (in my mind’s eye) and was laughing my socks off. I “knew” they were hiding behind objects in the living room and felt an overwhelming child like energy that builds up.

Shortly after this I became aware of information which I could tap into mentally and was achieved by simply focusing on something. It was like an overwhelming torrent of information whizzing by. When I looked at the lamp I knew how it was built and worked, same for the carpet, sofa. The best way I can describe this is as if my consciousness suddenly had a link to my sub consciousness which worked at a much faster pace, however I was able to just about grasp things as they flew through my mind.

I turned off the lights to see shapes, colors, symbols and what I can only describe as energy filled the room with a feeling of being wrapped in a warm blanket of love.
Then I could see memories as building blocks in like a 3D / X-ray type vision of a Rubix Cube. Like little TV’s they displayed moving pictures of my past, good and bad memories and they emitted emotions and feelings. “These are the building blocks that have made who you are today”. I then thought that I was seeing a representation of my mind, today as it has been built over the years and though I could do with taking out the bad building blocks. “Yes then you can replace them with love”. Then I realized I had heard these 2 sentences, answering the first and then it answered me. I asked who was talking to me and was informed that their identity was not important right now and they were there to guide me. Then he / it made its presence known – I could see them in the corner of the room extending far up beyond my ceiling, but somehow in the same room. Shaped like a Christmas tree yet I could not make out the fine details. I agreed to go through what was necessary knowing I had asked for healing and trusting what was before me. With that very intention the sensations I was feeling must have increased 10 fold. The blocks before me started shifting and swapping like some kind of Tetris game. Boxes containing upsetting memories and situations were being pushed to the outside and falling down. Shapes of alien silhouettes moved around me, with one getting closer then another and another, as if in turn. I could feel their presence and felt they were giving me energy of some kind. I saw all manner of symbols such as Masonic and Aztec and felt they were lines once tracked in the night sky by our ancients. Then I saw one looking back at me, as if he was seeing me through time and visa versa. He cried and said there are too many of us. It felt so familiar.

I was aware of what can only be described as energy falling from my back, some small and some large, as if some had weight to them and others not. They fell deep into the earth and somehow I knew the earth would recycle it for good. There was a bunch of colours that seemed to be a being, intention, or some kind of consciousness that moved through the TV like boxes as if it was checking the content. I watched it methodically move through them as I then became aware of what felt like a memory, maybe of a past life? I was in India and a Cobra reared its head at me. Like some kind of zoom i gazed at its scales, fangs, cold eyes and shape. With that a Tiger came and simply stared at me then I made an intention to learn to charm the snake in order to share its energy.

My focus shifted back to the TV blocks and then I was looking at the room. I analyzed what I had experienced and realized it was a mixture of open eye and closed eye visuals. But I cannot grasp the reality of it all, everything was so detailed and clear and still is several days on.

I sat up and gazed that mirror whilst I reflected on the events and my face was changing slightly as I moved my head slightly. My face started to change a bit more but focus came back and with that I could see myself as an old man (I didn’t look that good, haha) but the mirror said to me “thank you for the lessons you will teach me”

Since this trip, I can only describe it as an amazing upliftment. I feel like I have had an upgrade where my confidence has boosted, much less stress and handling stress differently, some things no longer bother me, my head is clearer about a few of the issues I have been facing and a few more. Generally a massive spiritual experience and would have to agree with the some of the manuals out there, that is more of a tool than recreational. Mind bending stuff. I will be ordering again shortly.